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▪ Authentic recipes
▪ Information about Bavaria
▪ Destination Bavaria
▪ Authentic recipes
▪ Information about Bavaria
▪ Destination Bavaria

Bavarian Organizations in the USA:

G.T.E.V. Edelweiss Detroit

Gauverband Nordamerika

See this web site for links to Bavarian clubs in your area

This web site was started in April 2011 and quite a few parts are under construction.

We provide a free service and hope you will be patient with us

as we are working at it as fast as we can!!

Please check back often, we hope we will make it worthwhile


A free tool to make planning your trip to Bavaria easier!

Discover Bavaria

”Meet the Region, Towns and Places”

Health Spas in


The Why and the What!

Why would anybody want to go there and what are the benefits!

We started with Bad Steben

see it as we show it to our friends!

 Inge’s Kitchen
Bavarian Home Cooking
not just Schnitzel, Bratwurst and Sauerkraut

also other dishes
we like from all over at
Customized for you 
or your group
Research - Design - Arrange
for individuals and groups!
Let us plan your trip for you!

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