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About us:

GGM Direct, Inc. is a Michigan corporation established in 1979. Started initially as Golden Gate Meats, Inc., serving Southeastern Michigan with merchandise and gourmet foods from the United States and Europe. We built our business on customer satisfaction, service and quality.

Retiring from the meat and speciality food business we were trying to put our collective know-how, passions and experiences to good use.

While in business we gained an extensive knowledge about meats and acquired a love for cooking. So Karin and I (Rudy) decided to share some of the facts and insights we picked up over the years.

Karin, a native Detroiter with German roots, and I, an American Vietnam Era Veteran who immigrated from Bavaria in the late 60’s, are proud Americans first and our roots are firmly planted here, but besides our travels in many countries we really enjoy our frequent trips back to the region I come from. We love revisiting the sights and towns and also the atmosphere there, but after awhile we are always happy to come back home to the USA.

With these passions in mind we started a couple of web sites dealing with not just Bavaria but with “the Bavaria” the way we enjoy it and a cookbook with many of the region’s foods. We also will include surrounding places and areas which we, after we explored them, felt are definitely worth a visit.

We hope you will find some of our pages informative, some enjoyable, some delicious and some even humorous.

Please note, that most of our recipes are only considered diet food if you just look at them and don’t eat them, but we and most of our friends think they are not just delicious, but a symphony to the taste buds.

So welcome and enjoy!!!

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