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Please note, that we are not in any way reimbursed by any of the mentioned places and we just liked the food/price/service ratio.

Also realize, that you are in our taste zone, if your taste buds are not close to ours try one of our recommendations and if you don’t concur, you are on your own.

By the way, there is quite often a McDonalds around somewhere to serve more familiar meals.

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You must read this!

These are just a few of the many things you can do.

Let’s just say, this itinerary will keep you very busy and introduce you to many great new impressions,

but following the outline above you already did not have time to visit

Coburg and the enormous castle there,


Bayreuth, the town of the composer Richard Wagner,

the Luisenburg in Wunsiedel,

the nearby 3 spa towns in the Czech Republic

and you also did not have time for that special brewed beer you will only get during a brewery tour in Pilsen.

On the subject of beer you missed over 300 breweries within 200 km from our condominium.

Countless castles and churches,

hundreds of festivals,

a log ride on one of the rivers,

quaint restaurants and pubs in the middle of nowhere

and also a trip to the wine country along the river Main.

You missed the Hummel figurine museum,

the amazing restaurant in Chodovar tunneled into the rock

and the medieval town which has stopped in time, Cesky Krumlov.

You missed the immense collection and elaborate displays of tin soldiers housed in the Plassenburg Castle in Kulmbach,

a few noteworthy beer museums,

a bar hop on a horse drawn wagon.

You missed the delicious baked goods at a bakery in Weissenstadt,

an affordable days visit at a spa (also tailored towards men),

many local food specialities

and you might have even missed out on the Bavarian Gemuetlichkeit (the feeling we tried to explain at the linked page, click and scroll down).

Now there are two possibilities, you can either stay longer

or come again, we love to have you back.

Please plan in enough time to visit the Bavarian Alps after your stay with us, we really recommend it and can give you some pointers on what not to miss there..

1 week full of great, new experiences 
and impressions!